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If you are thinking about relocating or moving your office or place of work to a new destination, you need to be aware of the costs involved. Moving is a highly complex process and the cost of removal is calculated based on a number of factors.

Let us give you an overview of the costs involved in our removal process and how Citylink Movers can help you set the right budget for your moving day!

How much does a Standard Removal Cost?

The cost of removal is based on several factors. Citylink Movers cover a maximum distance of 15 miles.

  • Average Removal Cost of a 3 Bedroom House £1,700.
  • Average Removal Cost of a 1-2 Bedroom House £1,300.

(The above prices include £250 Packing Services and £125 Disassembly Services)

Note: Actual Prices are subject to change depending on the volume and dimension of the client’s belongings and other factors. The following table gives a better idea of how Removal Costs are determined.

Number of Bedrooms Removal Costs Extra Packing Costs
1 £420 – £650 £180
2 £530 – £750 £220
3 £800 – £960 £270
4 £920 – £1000 £350

Find the removal cost with Advanced matching system –

Quotes for moving varies in different companies greatly due to a high range of variables. Each customer comes with their own specific needs that the company must consider and similarly yours is no different. You can submit our non-binding quotation request and compare 6 movers at a time and then find the most suitable one to match your needs. 

How are Removal Costs Calculated?

As mentioned earlier, we take into consideration the following factors in our price quotations:

  • The Volume of the belongings you want removed.
  • The distance between your old home and new home.
  • The degree of access to your property and belongings.
  • Duration of the move. (May vary depending on the season)
  • Add on services included in your moving package.
  • Number and nature of items that require special care.
  • Nature of the methods used in removal.

Here are some extra information related to our moving costs:

Service Details Price
Removal Company Loading, transport, and unloading £800
Packing Expert packing of items and furniture £250
Packing Materials Boxes, wrapping, tape, papers, and covers £100
Disassembly and Reassembly Taking down furniture to prepare for packing £125
Storage Use of storage facility for 1 month £120
Cleaning Full house professional cleaning services £285
Total 3-bedroom house removals £1,680

Know about other removal company costs and services –

When you plan to relocate, you would need extra services to make your moving process easier. A range of removal companies offers a variety of services such as packing, disassembly of furniture, cleaning services and storage. The cost of these house removal services differs according to companies and it also depends on the volume of the move or other factors. Below you will find average prices of removal services. To know the exact pricing of your move, get in touch with the local moving companies using our advanced matching system. 

Services Included in Removal Cost

In order to relocate your belongings seamlessly, you need the assistance of various moving services such as disassembling and packing furniture, cleaning and/or storage.

The average cost of these services is available below:

Service Removal Cost (Per Hour & Per Packer) Cost Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)
Disassembly and Reassembly Help with assembly / disassembly of furniture £125
Storage Space if you cannot move immediately £30 per week
Cleaning Cleaning of old and new house £15 per hour
Parking Permit Ability to park in front of property
Price depends on area and trade association membership
£30 – £75
Piano Removal Proper care and specialist equipment for safe removal
Remove and replace doors or windows for access
£120 – £480

What my removal cost should be?

Your removal cost can change and become convenient depending on various factors. Be aware of these factors and calculate the overall removal price, we compiled a short list of items which would affect the moving cost and added tips to help you to save money. 

Volume of removal

The biggest price factor depends on the number of items one intends to transport. The more items, the more movers are required to hire at the usual rate of £20 / hour and each of them will have to work much longer. 

Moving is the best opportunity to remove the clutter and thus it helps to consider properly what can be kept and what can be left behind. Also, calculate the volume of your removal in m3. This in turn determines the size of the transport vehicle and packing supplies.

Accessibility of house

Is it easy to enter your old home and destination property? If the house is not easily accessible, a smaller vehicle or lift might be required. While the quotes get compared, it is important to check if the removal company owns special vehicles. This will help you get a discounted price for the use of lifts or other vehicles. 

Location and distance

The distance between the point of origin and the destination helps to determine the cost of transport. Unfortunately, the variable cannot change, to save up, it is important to find a company with cheaper costs per mile. 

Consider the time of your move

The timing of the move affects the prices you pay. Weekends, holidays and month ends are expensive and popular. To save on the removal cost, plan your move during weekdays and off-season. 

Date of Removal Affects Removal Company Cost

The time and date of removal will have a significant effect on the cost of removal. The bulk of our bookings usually takes place during the warmer months of the year, between May and September. We experience a surge in demand for our removal services on the weekends and at the beginning of the month. Scheduling your move on a Weekday enables you to enjoy attractive discounts and avoid additional costs.   

Moving services making your move easy

When you are making your booking, each removal company in the UK offers a wide range of extra services, which make your life a little easier. Here is a proper and quick breakdown of the most common attractive offers and the additional removal company costs usually incur –

Moving services

Optional Service Advantages Costs
Packaging Boxes and other materials, enough for a four-bedroom home £120 – £150
Disassembly and Assembly Professionals take your furniture apart and put it back together £125
Storage Your belongings are kept safe if you cannot move in immediately £30 / week
Cleaning Professional cleaning of your old home after you move out and / or your new home before and / or after you move in £15 / hour
Piano Transport Specialist equipment and training for moving your prized instrument safely and securely £120 – £480

Finally, the moving costs for a one or two-bedroom home average are £1,295, whereas a three-bedroom home will generally cost about £1,680. Of course, every move has its specifications. The particularities of the houses, the volume, the nature of your moveable property and the level of service you need all play into the final price.

Bulky Items increase Removal Cost

Heavy bulky items that require a more careful approach and are susceptible to damage are factored into the cost of removal. We take extra care in protecting items like antique furniture, a piano and other fragile belongings. These items require specialized packing methods and wrapping material. The cost of removal can vary between £100 and £300.   

Additional Equipment is Added to Removal Cost

Items that necessitate the use of specialized equipment such as a crane, to help remove sensitive and bulky item entails additional expenses. In this case, we personalize the cost of removal by taking into consideration average market prices to better suit your budget.

Tips to save your house removal costs-

Get clarity with an in-person cost estimate

A reliable removal company will always assess your home to provide an accurate quote. Getting estimates only over the phone or email is not accurate and it requires paying for services that do not match your needs.

Know if the packing material costs are included

Communication is important to establish a proper and clear rundown of the services and the charges that will be billed to you. Visit our removal services pages for more information. 

Leave extra buffer room

Unexpected problems and emergencies enhance moving costs, especially for local moves that are charged by the hour. You should always prepare some extra space in your budget. 

Get clarity on all your expenses

House removals cost is just one part of the equation, you need a lot of financial resources to suit all the moving costs. It is essential to know what is included in the removal quotes to save money. 

Find out your company’s cost and save money

As the removal costs are affected by numerous factors and it varies depending on your needs. The best way to get an accurate idea of the price is to get as many quotes as possible. On an average requesting upto 6 quotes from removal companies on allows to decide the price that best matches your needs and budget. 


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