Take the stress out of your commercial relocation

When you plan to move your business, it involves moving all your valuable things, equipment and furniture which be a hassle to deal with. At CITYLINK MOVERS, our team is there to help you out in every possible way. The expert specializes in handling all types of professional commercial removals by keeping the items safe and protected along the way. We aim at making the whole commercial removals service easy and fast enough, ensuring the move is completed with minimal obstructions. We offer our services in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  

Highly equipped and high-quality service -

We work towards bringing a safe, secure and complete removals service in commercial sectors too. Our expertise is to deliver the best with the usage of high-end equipment to bring out excellent results. 


The professionals are highly trained and they have experience in the commercial removal process. We do our job with maximum efficiency and we focus on bringing peace of mind to focus the business mainly being the most affordable commercial Removals Company. We are equipped with all aspects be it packing supplies to office storage and also unpacking services. It leaves one completely free to focus on the company, while the move from start to finish is dealt with by our professionals.

The procedure of commercial removal -

Proper planning and coordination are done to have a complete peaceful process. The whole process includes some steps-

Taking care of IT removal -

Personalized items and IT equipment are the two most valuable and essential type of items that stays in the office. It is crucial to make sure that the items are stored safely and securely during the removal process. We ensure complete protection of the essentials during the removal.

IT disconnection and reconnection -

Moving the equipment and having a team of professionals to deal with the whole set up and removing process is essential. This helps to massively take the stress out of the office move. 

Establishing Quality -

As a professional cleaning company, we provide high-quality services during every visit. Our team completes every task with care to ensure the best results. 

Data & records storage –

Moving to a commercial space is a great way to review the essential data and records kept. The unnecessary data can be filtered and segregated to help to make a fresh start altogether with the move.

Reach out to us at CITYLINK MOVERS, the most affordable commercial Removals Company to get a friendly, reliable staff, working with clients’ cleaning and scheduling needs to provide a high quality of service. We use expert industry experience and the latest technology to deliver the best outcome.