Hassle-free Piano Moving & Removal Specialists

Although pianos are always a very cherished possession, there comes a time when you no longer want to keep the piano. But the removal of a prized possession needs to be done properly, there comes the need to hire a reliable and safe piano removal service. At CITYLINK MOVERS, we allow the understanding that every customer holds different needs and our professionals works hard to ensure that the piano is removed efficiently and safely. Our services range in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  

What do you understand by piano removal?

Piano removal is a complicated task and especially when you don’t have the expertise to do so. It is a process in which the piano is safely removed from your property. It cannot be carried out by amateurs as that might affect the instrument and ruin the condition. A piano is a heavy piece of furniture and if it’s not removed properly it can also cause injuries. 

Safe and hassle-free piano removal service -

A piano is one of the most cherished family heirlooms and a treasured item of musical motivation. We at CITYLINK MOVERS take extra care to ensure that the piano is highly taken care of and cautiously removed through the premises. 


Our team of professionals ensure that the piano is in good hands. Thus you need to hire the best Piano mover Edinburgh, to carry out professional piano removal services.

Benefits of hiring professional piano removal services -

We have a team of piano removal experts who are highly trained and experienced in the safe removal of pianos. 


Our piano mover can do the heavy work with efficiency. You can save a lot of time and energy and focus on bringing other things into your new abode. 

Protects your piano

One of the most important priorities is when you move the piano from one place to another ensuring its safety. By hiring a professional piano mover, you can rest assured that the experts will move the piano to the desired location in a spotless condition. 

Using high-end equipment

They come with the suitable equipment needed to carry out the process, and also to protect the piano while it is on the moving truck. Our professionals use protective coats and layers which would assure that it will be moved without any dents and marks due to bumpers. 

Highly experienced

Professional piano movers assure high-quality service because they have done it several times. You would want people who know and are experienced to carry out this moving process. 

Reach out to us at CITYLINK MOVERS to guarantee its safety, and that it would be damage free during the moving process. A piano is a large and heavy object that you need to look after with maximum care as it’s prone to damage.